Donate today

Your monthly or one-time support goes directly to helping us to maintain our operations and further our programming on our eco-ranch in Slim Butte and across Pine Ridge Reservation.


Your support goes to our ongoing projects on our home-site including:

  • The Indigenous Wisdom Center

  • Completing the Closed Loop Food System

  • Building Demonstration Homes

  • Completing the Rocket Stove Cabin

  • Annual Maintenance of Finished Systems


In order to complete our work, we need to raise annual funds for our operations overhead which goes to support our annual communications, marketing, employee wages, facilities upkeep, and more. We run a lean model and aim to keep these costs as low as possible so we can maximize the amount we are able to contribute to our projects.

Commitment to Transparency

As a grassroots non profit we are committed to providing quarterly and annual reports of our fundraising, operational costs, and programming costs. While these reports will be available to view on the website, we know that they can be pretty boring to read. Therefore we will add every donor to our updates email list in order to keep you in the loop on exactly where your dollars are going every month so you feel confident and secure supporting our mission.

If you would like to directly support one of our projects, here are some specific sponsorships that you can provide


sponsor a home

Transform the life of a Lakota Tiwahe with a donation of $10,000 or more


sponsor a garden

Feed the Community by sponsoring a Food hub with a donation of $5,000 or more