The Rocket Stove Cabin



Over the course of two years Jim Schalles, from Tallgrass Vernacular, and a team of volunteers came and built a working model of fuel efficient, clean burning rocket stoves for both heat retention and food preparation. Check out more on the design below!

The team finished the stove then by showcasing the land by extracting hues of yellow and red iron oxide rich clays used to protect and decorate the guts of the stove, keeping in the color theme of the Medicine Wheel.

The team then came together and framed a roof and walls to begin the build of a cabin to showcase alternative building styles which is still in progress today. They used repurposed and donated materials to showcase how we can build beautiful, sturdy structures without the need for expensive new materials. These include foraged cedar logs, a donated steel roofing frame, and salvaged tin for the roof.

Rocket Stove bench Design:

Rocket Stove Mass Heater .jpg

Cob chord walls:

Project Photos:

Community Stage & Shade Structure

In preparation for the 2018 Convergence, volunteers came together to build a stage for speakers and performers, along with a large shade structure for protection and a cool place to relax. Using repurposed materials, the stage showcases how we can offset the costs of building beautiful structures.