Our Partners

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Grow permaculture

Grow Permaculture is a permaculture and sustainability consultant and teaching organization dedicated to forwarding the practices of consciously designing human systems to produce more, while doing less harm.

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lifesavers wild horse rescue 

Lifeavers Wild Horse Rescue is the largest wild horse rescue and adoption organization in the United States, providing refuge, training and adoption placement for hundreds of horses.

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red horse nation

Red Horse Nation works to establish a personal connection to Mother Earth, tribal values, culture, ceremony, spirituality and language through the sacredness of the horse.

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global natural health alliance

Global Natural Health Alliance fosters sustainable community development in impoverished communities by enhancing natural health care options, providing nutrition and food production training, empowering & educating local heroes, and uniting a global community of like minded people.


Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC) is an Oglala-led, Native American 501(c)3 non-profit public charitable organization based out of the Thunder Valley community of the Porcupine District on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.