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Planned Projects

We’re working to form a well-organized coalition of natural builders, working together with outside experts as well as local builders to build quality sustainable homes to the many families in need across the reservation.



With the extreme cold temperatures freezing our crops through late May and returning in early September, storing food is crucial to creating a secure food system. We have several projects planned to ensure a consistent food supply throughout the year to be demonstrated on the Slim Butte site and implemented across the Reservation.


Drying foods for winter storage is a traditional Lakota practice, and we plan to combine this tradition with creative dehydrating methods such as passive solar food dehydrators. These are relatively mobile, effective food dehydrators that only use the sun’s energy to dry foods to be stored without refrigeration for months. We plan to build several of these and make them available to community garden groups and sustainable organizations throughout Pine Ridge.

We anticipate this project will require $500 to complete. Please click here to contribute.


We’re at the final stages of completing our first cellar at the Slim Butte site. The space for this cellar has been excavated and we’re ready to install its roof. We must also install shelving to make the cellar functional and continue to improve it for optimal food storage.

Funding needed to complete our cellar $2,000. Funding needed for additional cellars on the Slim Butte site $5,000.


As part of our commitment to create a sustainable and renewable energy supply for our Slim Butte demonstration site, we have several projects in the works. Please contact us to learn more about our large scale wind energy initiatives if you’re considering getting involved.


We’ve built and erected 6 home-scale wind turbines, and our battery bank is in place. In order to make this wind farm operational, we need to hire an electrician to hook it up and buy supplies to connect the towers to the batteries. The energy harvested from these turbines will be used to run our kitchen for preparing and storing our harvest.

We’ll need $1,000 to complete this project, and invite you to click here to help.


Exploring a spectrum of ways to harness the sun’s energy, we currently have a passive solar heating system and solar water heating for our outdoor shower in use at our Slim Butte demonstration site. We’re excited to install many more solar energy systems here and as part of all of our building projects, as funding permits.


As an abundant producer of sunflowers, Pine Ridge is well positioned to use this invaluable crop to produce biofuels which can be used in place of Diesel fuel to power vehicles and equipment. With many components of the process already in place, we’re working to raise funds for a mobile seed press, currently valued at $10,000.





In cultivating a local economy and providing locally & sustainably harvested building materials to our community, we plan to operate a saw mill at our Slim Butte site. This project will help us secure affordable materials for our building projects, those of our partners, and will create local job opportunities.

$5,000 is needed to complete the build our operational saw mill.


We’re currently raising funds {approximately $350 - $1,400} to establish a beekeeping business. We plan to build top-bar beehives using wholesale-priced, sustainably harvested local lumber. We’ll start with 10 hives and partner with a local Lakota beekeeper to care for the hives and harvest honey. Our bees will be vital pollinators for our fruit trees and our many plants and crops.

Some projects we have planned for the future:

  • Permaculture Learning Center

  • Free-range Livestock Management

  • Mobile Library

  • Equine Therapy

  • Development of Cottage Industry {restaurant, gift shop, CSA – food distribution/co-op}