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We're equally motivated by the basic energy needs of the Pine Ridge residents as we are by our collective responsibility to harvest energy sustainably with our environment in mind. At this time, approximately 39% of the homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation have no electricity. Not having a power outlet to charge a cell phone or watch Sunday sports is hard enough to imagine for the average American, but coupled with the severe weather conditions {summer temperatures peaking well over 110°F and winters regularly dropping to -50°F}, the lack of available energy can be life-threatening.

Apart from the lack of developed energy systems on the Pine Ridge Reservation, we're wary of the destructive practices in place for decades around the world. The unsustainable methods of harvesting electricity and fuel to support today's lifestyles have destroyed millions of acres of land, extinguished entire species, shamelessly polluted our air, soil and waterways, and have displaced whole communities, towns and tribes around the world.

We recognize that electricity isn't something that we can easily surrender with today's accelerating technological advances, and that our lives demand a reliance on fuel to operate our vehicles and heat our homes. However, we believe there are much more sustainable methods out there.

We are working to develop adaptable methods of harnessing energy from the wind and sun (both abundant here in the Great Plains), enabling more efficient energy use by building better homes, and closing the loop by sustainably producing bio fuels using crops that thrive right here on the rez. Our idea incubator model yields to a variety of projects which can be documented and replicated throughout Pine Ridge and our greater community.